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Bur’an is a Passionate Ethical Fairtrade Indigenous Social Venture Corporation with specific business interests and Partners across Australia and Globally that covers ECO-Tourism, Housing, Transport, Private Equity, Investments, Property Development, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Education, Health, Aboriginal Arts & Crafts, Employment & Training, Entertainment, Media/Communication, Ai/Tech Platforms. Our Core Indigenous Focus & Cultural Values are Holistically contributing to Indigenous Socioeconomic Developments that encompasses unique Sustainable First Peoples project initiative’s and facilities, that promotes Preservation of Indigenous languages, Cultural Heritage and Strengthens Indigenous Economy’s.

John Smith Gumbula


Ethical Indigenous Business Vision

–  QEII Silver Jubilee Queens Trust Awardee / Founder -Ambassador
& Chief Indigenous Officer / Descendant of the WakkaWakka
Indigenous people of Queensland  and; Adopted Son of the Yolngu
First Nations N.T Australia. 25 years passionately in diverse Aboriginal and cultural activities,creating cultural bridges. A world traveler, John supports and acknowledges the (UNDRIP)

– United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples the General Assembly articles 1 to 46 and aspires in formulating strategic long term sustainable indigenous partnerships to deliver positive viable unique goals for first nations, indigenous economies throughout the world.

This is Johns dreamtime!