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A Worldwide Architecturally designed and engineered Algorithmic Ai/Tech Indigenous Fusion Platform connecting Indigenous people across Mother earth, whose Core focus & Cultural Values are Holistically contributing Efficiently to Indigenous Socioeconomic Development objectives that encompasses unique Sustainable project initiative’s and multiple tool platform facilities. INDIGE Passionately Supports, Promotes, Protects, Fairtrade and Ethically structured relationships that Preserves Cultural Heritage, Strengthens Stability , Togetherness, Empowerment for Indigenous People Economic Growth, for Future generations Families & Communities.

INDIGE is empowering growth, strategic key partnership’s and stimulating Indigenous investments for Local and Global First Nation Community’s in S&ME’s participation with Indigenous Banking, Health, Education, Employment, Sustainable Property developments, Agriculture, Hospitality Industries, Indigenous Food & Beverages Industry, Eco-tourism, Indigenous Arts & Crafts, diverse Indigenous initiatives & economic developments.