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99.6% viral filtration efficiency

Up to 340 hours

3-6 months of use 

Mask is hand washable

Comfortable enough to wear all day long

Indigenously fashioned

Mask comes in 5 Sizes from young children to XL


Mask Safety Rating: N99                                Product series: Bur’an N99 “Kun’bir – Breath” Masks.

Last year 2019 was a tough, sad year for many Australians along with our beautiful natural bushlands and native wildlife because of the devastating Bush Fires across Australia, at the time multi award winner, former QEII Silver Jubilee Queens Trust Awardee, Queensland Wakka Wakka Artist Designer John Smith Gumbula, had a noble vision to develop an iconic authentic Indigenous fashion Mask in partnership with Buran Australia and our key suppliers. They created these beautifully unique Indigenous N99 Masks for the Indigenous mob of Australia. We forecasted 20,000 of our masks would be worn to protect the health of our indigenous communities in 2020 before this pandemic came upon us.

We believe that for a mask to protect you, your family, mob and community, the masks that we wear should first of all work, while also be available in sizes to protect our children, be comfortable so that we will actually use them and have a long life and hence be re-washable.

Our Bur’an masks have a 99.6% viral filtration efficiency, are very comfortable to wear, they have a 340 hour use time (3-6 months of use), are able to be hand washed in warm soapy water and come in 5 sizes to fit the whole family.

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The Buran Mask is an indigenously fashioned pollution mask that comes in a range of patterns and 5 sizes to fit children and adults. 

Our Customer Feedback: 

“These masks are so comfortable. I’ve tried on so many types and this is the only one I can wear for more then a few min. I just ordered 2 more” – Jared L.  26th March 2020



The filters used meet the N99 Standard (higher than N95). This is a US Government specification for pollution masks. The masks use a triple-layer filter which will protect from a range of airborne contaminants.

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Our Masks Are Washable



Suitable For The Whole Family



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Frequently Asked Questions


Does the Mask Filter the Coronavirus?

Our masks are tested to filter 99.6% of viruses and bacteria.  Our mask filters are treated with silver, which works to enhance the anti-viral properties of the technology. 

You can read the USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines on Coronavirus here:

Note: Our masks have not been tested specifically on the new strain of COVID-19 as our masks were tested and certified pre-pandemic.


What certification has this mask  been tested to?

The Bur’an Masks have passed

 –  The American National Institute for Occupations Safety and Health (NIOSH) N99 filter requirements under 42 CFR Part 48 (tested by Nelson Labs USA),

 –  EN149 standards for CE in the European Union (Certified by SAI Global and Apave Labs FR)

 –  Buran Masks have met a wide range of tests to ensure they are effective and safe to use for the whole family. 


How many hours is the mask effective for? 

The usage guidelines which give the recommended number of hours of use before the mask would need replacing. These guidelines are based on use of the mask to protect against pollution. The AQI (air quality index) in Sydney tends to be in the good or moderately unhealthy range and hence the mask should be replaced after it has been worn for 340 hours. (3 – 6 months of use)  You can find the AQI in your local area by doing a simple internet search.


How / should I wash my Mask?

Thorough washing will remove viruses and bacterial from all surfaces including hands, masks and worktops etc.

Buran Masks are hand washable, and should then be hung dry. Do not machine wash or machine dry as this can damage the filters.

Wash the mask by gently massaging with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and leave to hang dry. This will remove dirt, makeup and dust, however please note it will not extend the life of the filters. We do not recommend you to wash the mask in boiling water as you may burn your hands.

The washing helps to clean the external surface of the mask that gets dirt, or makeup stains. As for the pollution particles, our mask filters are treated with silver, which works to enhance the anti-viral properties of the technology. Our masks are tested to filter 99.6% of viruses. Thorough washing will remove viruses and bacterial from all surfaces including hands, masks and worktops etc.


I am working in a hospital or clinic, can this mask be suitable for me?

Unfortunately this Mask is not suitable to be used in a hospital setting by members of a healthcare team as it is not a single use item and hence you would not want to dispose of it after contact with an infected patient. The hospital you work at will have an infection control policy which should be used when dealing with infected patients.  

A Buran Mask could be used to reduce your risk of respiratory infections when you are not at work, for example if worn when in public settings or around others with respiratory infections. Other measures that can also be helpful include maintaining a good level of hand hygiene, avoiding crowded areas and keeping your distance from others (airborne transmission of respiratory pathogens is reduced significantly over a distance of greater than 2m). 



Can we produce hand sanitiser too?

Bur’an Australia is currently in negotiations with an Australian & NZ pharmaceutical company to manufacture Bur’an hand sanitiser. Please contact us if you would like to order large quantities of hand sanitiser.  500 mL @ $18.50 AUD we have quantities of 350,000 bottles with a 6 week lead time.

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