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Purchase Via The Link Below


Please use the below form to Purchase your Bur’an N99 “Kun’bir – Breath” Masks.

The bulk order form is an official document, please do not fill in this form unless you intend to complete an order for the Bur’an N99 “Kun’bir – Breath” Masks.

After you submit the below purchase order an invoice will be sent for you to digitally sign that will be similar to this example – Example Invoices.pdf

We currently have a minimum order quantity of 10,000 masks at $54.54 ex GST with terms and conditions as per the example invoice above.

We suggest that you petition and call upon the elders in your mob and community to stand together and order together.   It may also be advantageous for you to request support from the PM&C department and also to request support to attain these masks from the Office of the Hon. Ken Wyatt – the Indigenous Affairs Minister.

Payment is to be made in full to reserve your place in the distribution queue. We will serve these allotments in a first paid first provided although we will endeavor to provide up to 1,000 masks from our next shipment (due in the coming weeks) to all fully paid orders (for the purpose to protect those with the highest risk) and we will endeavor to fulfill the rest of your order promptly with the following shipment.

If only 50% deposit is paid on the masks, we will endeavor to provide your masks as soon as possible, however orders with full payment will take precedence.

Note: The deductible gift recipient for donations is the Yumpla Nerkep Foundation Ltd. ABN: 84154556680 This form will also produce an invoice on behalf of the Yumpla Nerkep Foundation. Please ensure you deposit the correct monies into the correct bank account.

For every 2 “Kun’bir – Breath” masks donated, Bur’an will also match this donation with 1 mask.


Bur’an Australia, in partnership with Ernst & Young Australia are supporting you and your mob to ensure that no one is missing out in this disruptive time.

Please go to our Petition Page to let us know how we can support you in this time of disruption.